Does Shapewear Work?

By: Commando

Date:  January 23, 2023

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Shapewear is often said to slim your body and contour your curves, but does it actually work? In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know about shapewear, including how it works, how to wear it with the pieces in your wardrobe, and helpful tips for picking out the ideal piece of Commando shapewear based on your needs.

What Is Shapewear?

Shapewear is an undergarment or foundation garment designed to be worn invisibly under your clothing, much like bras or underwear. It helps provide a slimming effect and makes your favorite garments fit better, smooths out lines, and flaunts your best, natural silhouette and shape. 


While older versions of shapewear may conjure up images of tight corsets and restrictive pieces, today’s shapewear for women is more lightweight, comfortable, and better suited for everyday wear. That’s because modern shapewear brands, like Commando, source elastic and stretchy materials that are comfortable, breathable, and sustainable in different levels of compression. You can choose which fabric, style, and compression level is best for you. 

Does Shapewear Work?

In short, yes, shapewear does work! 

Overall, shapewear temporarily helps to smooth lines and unwanted lumps and bumps through innovative technology that combines compression, design, and figure-forming materials. It provides solutions for a variety of outfits, which is why it comes in so many different styles to ensure every issue can be addressed. Not every type of shapewear works with every type of garment, so we recommend a variety of styles and compression levels for every wardrobe.

For example: 

Shapewear can target a number of concerns including (but not limited to): 

  • flattening your midsection
  • minimizing the look of cellulite
  • creating more accentuated curves
  • adding opacity to sheer outfits 

Commando shapewear is designed to leave you feeling smoothed and supported, never stuffed.

Shapewear Tips

Picking out the right shapewear solution for your outfit can feel a bit daunting, but we’re here to help. For the best shapewear results, we recommend the following tips.

1. Know Your Necklines & Hemlines

While there are styles that target multiple areas at once, you can pinpoint specific parts of your body to focus on as well. For an opaque layer and smoothing around the bra-line and mid-section, we recommend bodysuits. For shaping around your bottom, briefs and shorts are ideal. Slips and half slips are better suited for skirts and dresses to define your bottom and legs.

2. Choose the Right Color

Shapewear also provides an opaque layer ideal for sheer garments, so having a selection of hues keeps your wardrobe ready. For outfits with a lighter palette, opting for a nude or neutral slip or piece of shapewear will help create a “hidden” effect. For darker garments, black or nude shapewear can give you that seamless look.

3. Ensure You Have the Proper Fit

Much like other foundation garments, the proper fit ensures your shapewear lasts for a long time while giving you the optimal look. Not only can wearing the wrong size be uncomfortable, it can counter the benefits of shapewear and can create an unflattering silhouette. Shapewear is meant to work with your body. You should still be able to bend and move in your shapewear so it feels comfortable while enhancing your body’s naturally beautiful silhouette in any piece of clothing.

In summary, finding shapewear that works for you and your goals can ensure a comfortable fit and a smooth look, while a variety of styles allows you to wear shapewear with multiple silhouettes.