Women's Leggings

Our Women's Leggings

You have legs, we have leggings. In all the colors and patterns you could want. From vibrant faux leather leggings to sleek neoprene leggings. There’s a pair to match whatever mood or moment you’re in.

Women's Leggings Fabrics: Find Your Perfect Match

Commando leggings in our signature luxe fabrics. Some of our most notable include:

  • Faux Leather: Leggings in our faux leather fabric level up any outfit. Indisputably badass, machine-washable faux leather that looks and feels like real leather. 
  • Neoprene: Our luxe, Italian Neoprene has high stretch, incredible recovery, and is resistant to pilling, wrinkles, lint, and pet hair. Forever low-maintenance, forever flattering. 
  • Butter: Butter looks and feels like heaven, has limitless stretch and recovery, and you can wash it over and over without losing any of its magic. It’s our most-loved fabric for a reason.

How to Style Women's Leggings

Want performance-enhancing leggings that will make your next workout more comfortable? We have that. Or are you looking for an Inner Warmth Legging to get you through colder months? We have that, too. Oh, and we have faux leather leggings that look great with our Neoprene blazer for those more special occasions in your life. Yes, we do have it all.