My name is Kerry O'Brien & I’m the CEO, Founder and Designer of Commando. Going into fashion I had a non-traditional background. I was in financial PR; a Senior Vice President at the world’s largest PR agency. 

So when I decided to start fashion, I kind of approached it like I would anything else when I was learning a new industry-- which is asking questions and just kind of figuring it out on my own. Because to me anything was possible.  I think I had people thinking about underwear in different terms than what it could do. Everything has to be comfortable. The whole idea of panty lines means that something is digging into you. We have taken that ethos across everything we have done. If it’s not comfortable it doesn't make it into the line. Commando is bodywear. We are your fashion basics that you wear and build your whole wardrobe around. We’re your canvas. 

I love going through headers of fabric-- feeling them, touching them. If I love it-- I’ll design as many things as possible out of  it. It has to function. It has to feel and look great on your body.  That’s just the foundation to even be considered in the commando line. 

The people that wear commando, they trust us. They know that we source the world’s most luxurious fabrics-- and we fit everything on real bodies.  

If you haven’t realized yet, I like doing things my own way.  And that includes being based in Burlington, manufacturing in the United States, sourcing the world’s best fabrics from Europe. It’s all these things that are so not normal for the industry that makes commando so very special.  

It's very inspiring for me to be in almost 30 fashion shows every season because commando has always had a nod toward fashion. We have an eye toward where the trends are going and how women will be wearing their foundational pieces. 

It is something else how many celebrities wear commando.  Whether its their underwear, our hosiery, our leggings. Their stylists love to style around commando.  These are the building blocks to their fashion moment. That's what commando is to them. 

Quality and longevity of garments is really important to me.  Our customers rely on us to have garments that not only look good, but they also last a really long time. 

I want women to feel beautiful in commando. Confident, powerful and that they can conquer the world and do anything they want.