Bra vs Bralette: What’s the difference?

By: Commando

Date:  May 01, 2023

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You can’t spell bralette without bra, but the two undergarments have very unique qualities. This includes but is not limited to the way each of them feel on the body, what they accomplish, and of course, the technical differences in their construction. Regardless of each one's characteristics, there is a place for both of them in your top drawer. Here are the differences between a bra vs bralette and how to recognize which best suits you and your outfit for the day! 

What is a Bralette? 

A bralette is a wirefree bra that has minimal to no additional padding or is lined rather than padded. They are often constructed with a very soft, comfy fabrication or delicate lace for a lightweight, comfortable feeling while offering a more natural shape. Don't get us wrong, a structured bra is necessary in one’s wardrobe, but we have every reason under the sun to opt for a bralette this summer.  Although bralettes are considered a bit less supportive than a traditional underwire bra, bralettes can still provide support and are actually the next best thing to going braless. Bralettes come in several different silhouettes and fabrications such as lace, mesh, bandeaus, triangle tops, long lines, racerbacks and this list goes on. You can wear a bralette casually with pretty much anything, even if a little lace shows through, don’t be afraid to take risks! 

How to Wear a Bralette

Bralettes are a uniquely functional and fashionable wardrobe staple. There are several different ways that you can wear a bralette as well as a great deal of silhouettes to choose from too! You can style your bralette solo while pairing it with a blazer and your favorite pair of shorts or use its lace to your advantage in spicing up your oversized t-shirt. Additionally you can take a cozy, backless sweater and let your lace bralette play peek-a-boo showing off its beautiful details or colors. Try pairing a bandeau under a loose fitting pair of overalls for a fun, beachy vibe. The styling opportunities are truly endless given that bralettes have broken the traditional rules of wearing a bra and help elevate any outfit. 

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What is a Bra?

A traditional bra is usually constructed with molded cups, underwire, back closure, and is not as commonly worn to be shown, whereas bralettes can be. Bras have many complexities to them in that they have a wide variation of coverage and silhouettes ranging from t-shirt, push up, sports, balconette, strapless, minimizer, and more. Bras are usually more structured in shape and are worn best under all basic essentials such as a t-shirt, tank top, dress shirts, dresses, or anything else that would require a camouflaged, seamless, yet supportive canvas for your top half. 

Choosing a Bra vs Bralette

So the question is, when are you supposed to reach for the bra? When do you choose the bralette? You may need to choose a traditional bra for more professional settings such as job interviews, meetings, or certain special occasions. Additionally, you will definitely want to choose a sports bra during high impact workouts for extra support and to avoid worry or any discomfort. 

On the other hand you can wear a bralette casually with pretty much anything and feel comfortable. Just because a bralette does not contain underwire doesn’t mean that it lacks support or coverage. In warmer climates, you may want to opt for a bralette to experience that lightweight, airy feeling. No matter the time of day or occasion, bralettes will allow you to elevate your outfit while feeling confident and comfortable all at once.