Skirts and Dresses for Women

Our Skirts & Dresses for Women

Need a casual mini-dress? Or are you more of a formal midi-skirt type of girl? Either way, you’re in the right place. Be bold with patterns like snakeskin or sequins, or keep it neutral with our black and brown options. Any choice is the right one. 

From Mini to Maxi

Mini, midi, maxi skirts and dresses, oh my. Our mini-length options are for showing off legs, while our midi lengths offer a more modest yet stylish vibe. If you’re feeling something more dramatic and flowy, our maxi-length options are the right choice.

How to Style Women’s Dresses and Skirts

Commando skirts and dresses are all-season-ready. We have breathable, classic tank dresses for a cool, simple choice in the summer. For fall or winter, our longer midi skirts are for pairing with long-sleeve tops for layering and hosiery. Choose a shapewear slip or half slip to pair with your dress or skirt for a smooth finish that enhances your every curve.