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March 07, 2022

When women come together and support each other, anything is possible. I see this everyday at Commando.

Founding a fashion company in Vermont is anything but traditional, but I’ve never been traditional, and neither has my team. 

I take pride in that our workforce is 85% female, and even more impressive is that 83% of our leadership team identifies as female. This is a stark juxtaposition to the industry average, where 22% of women hold executive or C-Suite positions (WWD).  

While we are challenging the norm, it goes so much beyond that…it’s the women themselves that make Commando what it is. We’re mothers, daughters, sisters and partners that come from different backgrounds and work together to create the magic of Commando.

I don’t take for granted the opportunities that I’ve been able to forge as the Founder of Commando, or the opportunities we are able to provide for our employees. It’s why we continue to support organizations that put women first and give them the tools to succeed. 

Today, on International Women’s Day I am proud to continue our commitment to women by donating 100% of sales from wearcommando.com to the Vermont Women’s Fund. Our donation will help fund organizations that drive change for women and girls in Vermont. 

Vermont Women’s Fund and I agree, “when women rise, communities thrive.”

Kerry O’Brien

Founder, Designer and CEO of Commando 

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