How to Style a Bralette

By: Commando

Date:  May 11, 2023

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Bralettes can be a centerpiece of your outfit and we think they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Whether you’re heading to brunch or hosting a summer party, there’s one big question on your mind: what are you going to wear on your top half? Let’s talk about some bralette outfit ideas. Once you ace styling your bralette, (which you can and you will because you’re badass like that), your styling techniques will be the talk of the town. 

What is a bralette?

A bralette is a comfy, lightweight alternative to a bra that is constructed without underwire using soft, seamless materials. Bralettes are an incredibly versatile, on trend, styling piece that is simply second to none in one’s top drawer. Bralettes take you through all of the seasons by doubling as innerwear and outerwear. 

How to Wear a Bralette

You can style your bralette under a tank top or a button down shirt, but there is no reason to keep it hidden either! A simple bralette can alter any outfit’s aesthetic to feel effortlessly stylish, bold and creative. For inspiration and outfit ideas, we’ve provided a versatile guide on how to wear a bralette. Try these fun ways to wear a bralette for your next outing. 

1. Blazers and bralettes go together like red on a rose. Pair your favorite blazer with a bralette and make it either formal or casual with jeans or a trouser.

2. Mesh doesn’t have to be intimidating! Layer your favorite mesh top with a leather bralette.

3. Spice up a staple and show some skin by pairing your favorite bike shorts with a bralette and a button down shirt.

4. Show off some lace detail with your favorite backless dress. Summer just got a whole lot hotter!

5. Go from sleep to the street when you are not ready to change out of your favorite sweats by pairing your bralette up top.

6. For your next bottomless mimosa brunch, mix some soft textures with a leather bralette.

7. Wear under your comfiest tee shirt for a comfy canvas to a semi-sheer top.

8. Pair your bralette with a denim jacket and white shorts for a simple, casual, summer aesthetic.

9. Layer your favorite pair of overalls with a bandeau bralette this summer for a playful, beachy look.

10. Let your lace bralette play peek-a-boo under your favorite tank top. Some lace simply has to be seen!

11. Lounge at home in your bralette and comfiest pajama shorts for the perfect date night-in.

12. Pair a chunky cardigan with a long line bralette and your favorite bottoms for an effortless, sexy look.

Bralette FAQs

Do I need to wear anything under a bralette? 

No, bralettes are made to provide support and are designed for the correct size breasts.

How do I know what size to get? 

Our bralettes come in letter sizes. The straps should be snug, supportive, and comfortably tight so they don't shift. The band of a bralette is where the majority of the support comes from, so this should fit two-fingers snug. 

What fabrication should I look for? 

Our bralettes come in a variety of fabrications, such as Butter, Lace, Microfiber, even Faux Leather. Having a couple different fabrication options in your drawer opens the door to endless styling possibilities! 

What are the benefits of a bralette?

Bralettes are flexible, versatile, soft, yet supportive. Bralettes are ideal for those who are bothered by underwire bras.