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Made in the USA: From Our Hands to Yours

June 30, 2019

Commando works with 7 domestic factories in the USA, including our own facility located at commando headquarters. Employing staff with skills in cutting and sewing, we plan to expand our in-house production, hiring more workers and increasing the range of our capabilities. 

Finding experienced sewers in the United States has become more challenging, and sewing education is increasingly harder to find in schools or at home. Commando offers paid training to sewers interested in developing skills to sew. New sewers practice styles side by side with our experienced sewers until they are ready to start sewing production quality garments. 

Cutting and sewing in the US allows to have real time communication with our contractors and hands on involvement in the production process. We also can ensure that the people making our products are working under proper conditions and being paid fair wages.


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