Types of Underwear for Women

Types of Underwear for Women

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The question is, how many different types of underwear should you own? We all know that you can’t build a house without a foundation. At the same time, you can't build an outfit without the perfect pair of panties as your own foundation. The style you choose is a personal choice that should be based on your comfort and preferences. However, the underwear you choose for the day should also reflect the outfit you are wearing for a flawless look. Below we will unpack your top drawer…

Essential Underwear Styles

There are several different cuts of underwear to choose from. Whether you prefer the minimal coverage of a thong, the cheekiness of a girl short, or the full coverage of a brief, here is our guide to choosing the perfect pair. Keep in mind that our signature raw cut edge offers the ultimate comfort, no VPL solution (that's commando speak for “visible panty line”).


Without a doubt, the thong allows for the most liberty! Constructed with a zero coverage T-shape fabric on your backside and slight coverage on your hips, this silhouette provides the perfect no VPL appearance. This style is best worn with form fitting pants, skirts or dresses. Important to note this was the item that launched commando and is still our top selling panty.

Girl Short

The girl short offers moderate to minimal coverage and falls somewhere between a bikini and a thong. If you are looking for a cheekier style but are not quite ready for a thong, the girl short will meet you in the middle, offering a more flirty, playful look. This style can be worn with form fitting bottoms or dresses and skirts.


Bikinis are an essential underwear style for every top drawer. Bikinis offer slightly less coverage than a brief and are typically more low-rise and have a higher cut on the leg. Given this style’s versatility, it can be worn under anything from jeans to dresses or skirts to shorts. 


Hipsters have always been known as “hip huggers” because this style lives up to its name. Designed to sit on the hips, hipsters provide a more cheeky appearance than a bikini, yet offer a bit more coverage on the leg line. This style is best worn under flowy dresses or a pair of low rise jeans.


Briefs are a classic underwear style designed for ultimate comfort and support while providing full front and back coverage. Briefs are best worn with high rise pants but can also be worn with dresses or skirts. They are also great sleeping panties as well!


Boyshorts are constructed similarly to hipsters. They offer a bit more coverage on the leg with a slight hint of cheekiness while giving a more rectangular silhouette. This style can be worn as a base layer with shorter dresses or even as loungewear with your favorite oversized tee shirt around the house.

One Size

Where some see problems… we see solutions. We all have those days where we aren’t feeling our true size. One size fits most underwear can be an easy solution for most occasions and offer ultimate comfort with high stretch properties. 

Fabric Choice is Important

While choosing style is important, of equal importance is fabric. 

Our Classic Microfiber is a highly technical fabric made with a patented honeycomb construction allowing for high breathability. This fabric is constructed with raw-cut edges eliminating any digging or binding and has four-way stretch with high recovery. Our Classic Microfiber is available in multiple silhouettes including a thong, girl short, bikini, high rise panty and a boyshort. 

Our fan-favorite Butter fabric is an ultra-soft, Austrian modal with a smooth feel and is high-gauge which makes this fabric resistant to pilling. This fabric is constructed with raw-cut edges This fabrication is available in a thong, bikini, hipster and a high rise panty. 

Women's Underwear FAQs

What are some important things to look for when shopping for underwear?

Comfort and breathability are two keys when shopping for underwear. Analyze your wardrobe and determine what you wear most. This will help you decide the best silhouette for your top drawer. 

How many pairs of underwear should I have in my wardrobe?

On average you should have anywhere between 15-20 pairs of underwear in your top drawer. This also depends on your lifestyle, how often you do laundry, and how many different silhouettes you prefer. You will always want to have one to wear, one to spare, and one to wash. 

How do I make sure I’m wearing the right size?

You will want to make sure you are following the size guide when shopping for underwear. Your panties should be snug, but not too tight. If your panties are too loose or tight, the garment can begin to roll. 

How do I care for my underwear?

We recommend machine wash cold and drip drying for longevity.

Enjoying Just-Right Underwear Types

Wearing the right underwear truly makes all the difference. A diverse drawer with different types of panties will help you create a perfect canvas under all of your outfits. We obsess about fabric and fit and believe if you are thinking about your underwear while you're wearing it… you're wearing the wrong ones!