How to Get Rid of Panty Lines

By: Commando

Date:  July 06, 2023

Table of Content

What are Panty Lines?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You’re ready for your night out, looking and feeling fabulous. You do one last double take at yourself in the mirror before stepping out and lo and behold, you see the outline of your panty line. VPL, or “visible panty lines” can easily make or break your look and your confidence!

Choose Wisely 

First and foremost, selecting the right size and color of your panties is crucial in preventing visible panty lines. Underwear that is too small can dig into your skin creating a bulging affect which will lead to panty lines. Underwear that is too big can bunch up and create visible wrinkles. Choosing the right size underwear will allow the fabric to lay flat against the skin providing an overall invisible appearance. Choosing the right color is another pivotal factor to avoid VPL. Colors that are close to your skin tone will allow panties to blend in, avoiding any peek-a-boos. Another tip is to avoid wearing white panties under white clothing. Skin tone shades will disappear and blend in under white, eliminating any noticeable lines. 

Choosing a thong provides an almost 100% no VPL guarantee. If the right size and quality fabrics are chosen, thongs can be comfortable while still fitting correctly. Thong lines are usually non-existent, making VPL nearly impossible. 

Opting for boy shorts or hipsters is another great way to avoid panty lines. These silhouettes can conceal panty lines while staying put and offering additional comfort. A boy short provides full coverage while not cutting across your back end which provides a more seamless, invisible look over a traditional bikini. 

Sticking with panties constructed with raw cut edges will create an invisible, seamless look. Ditching the cotton panties is a great option if you are looking to avoid underwear lines. Typical cotton underwear tends to be constructed with thicker seams which can lead to VPL. The good news is that microfiber fabric is highly breathable and can dry faster than cotton. However, if you prefer only cotton underwear, we do offer a cotton collection that is constructed with raw-cut edges to prevent those dreaded panty lines.

Opt for Alternative Undergarments 

To avoid underwear lines, you also have some additional options in opting for alternative garments. Take shapewear for a spin! Shapewear provides the ultimate seamless look and the right pieces can be very comfortable, while providing light-to-moderate compression eliminating the chances of any panty lines. 

Going with a classic slip is another great way to avoid VPL. Slips are a classic choice for a reason, as they provide a sleek look while giving an extra layer with breathable comfort. Another lesser known benefit to wearing a slip… it reduces the need to wash as often, also extending the life of that favorite dress in your closet.

Giving tights a try is another alternative to avoid panty lines. Hosiery can provide a subtle “little something extra” while streamlining your outfit and adding a beautiful sheer color to legs.

Make Sure Clothes Aren't Prone to VPL 

While choosing the right underwear is crucial in avoiding panty lines, you’ll also want to pay attention to the clothes you are wearing. Buying overly sheer pants, skirts or dresses can make avoiding panty lines a bit tricky, unless the look is intentional. Making sure your clothing fits properly also takes an important role in avoiding VPL. When shopping for leggings, make sure to select quality fabrics that do not increase the chances of panty lines showing through. 

Lastly, before leaving the house, be sure to double check yourself from all angles to ensure no panty lines are visible. Do a fit test by bending over, sitting down, and squatting to check your outfit in several natural positions. Make sure to double check the sheerness of your clothing in natural sunlight or bright light as one last box to check on your no VPL checklist! 

Successfully Avoiding Panty Lines 

Having good tricks up your sleeve will help eliminate any potential future panty lines. You’ll learn that some underwear silhouettes might work better for your body than others. With all of these tips you’ll be a styling pro in no time on concealing underwear lines, and have everyone wondering if you are wearing or going Commando.