Faux leather leggings are making a big splash in the fashion world. Maybe you’ve seen them on Instagram or on your most-stylish friends. But, before you pull the trigger on a pair of leather leggings we’ve got the answers to all your lingering questions on this new fall staple

Faux leather or the real deal?
A real pair of women’s leather pants or leggings will put your shopping cart in the $500-$1000 price range, so if that doesn’t work for you, then faux leather is the answer. Many faux leather fabrics have achieved a look and feel very close to that of real leather, and are a fraction of the price. They are also machine washable and are made without harming animals.

How should I wash them?
We recommend turning inside out and using cold water on the gentle cycle to preserve the look of the faux leather, then line dry.

What qualities make faux leather look more real?
Texture and feel are the two qualities to look for when shopping faux leather pieces. The fabric should have a deep, grainy texture, and a soft feel like that of real leather. Get a closer look at our faux leather leggings.

How do you prevent bagging at the knees?
Real leather pants will get stretched out in higher impact areas such as the knee, and end up bagging around that area. Commando faux leather leggings have a four-way stretch specifically designed for a comfortable fit and to prevent bagging and sagging over time.

What can you expect from commando faux leather leggings?
Expect our faux leather leggings to feel small when you first put them on. Trust us, they're worth the wiggle and will mold to your body to create the perfect fit. Our faux leather leggings were designed to be high rise with our signature internal waistband & firming fabric that has four-way stretch and beautiful recovery to prevent sagging. 

How can I style faux leather leggings for everyday?
Faux leather leggings are much more versatile than you’d think. They are your black skinny jeans and your weekend lounge leggings all rolled into one, with an added edge. Try with an oversized sweater and booties on the weekend, or a tunic and blazer for the office. If you’re anything like we are at commando HQ you’ll be surprised how you ever got by before you had a pair. Check out this blog post on some of our favorite faux leather legging outfits.


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