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June 29, 2020

Nearly all of the fabric used for our intimate apparel is Oeko Tex and REACH Certified. It's also knitted in plants with energy and efficient infrastructure, equipment, and processes.

At commando our approach to design begins with fabric. Founder, designer and CEO Kerry O’Brien  sources world-class, luxury-technical fabrics. Choosing highly technical, and luxurious fabrics goes hand in hand with choosing fabrics that are made in an ethically and environmentally conscious way.


More than 95% of Commando’s production is domestic, and 83% is done on the east coast within 962m of our head office and warehouse. 

Commando works with 7 domestic factories in the USA, and has an in-house production facility where we employ sewers and production workers. Cutting and sewing in the US allows us to have real time communication with our contractors and hands on involvement in the production process.

We ensure that the people making our products are working under proper conditions and being paid fair wages. 

Sewing education is increasingly harder to find in schools or at home, and finding skilled sewers and people interested in working in manufacturing in the US has become more challenging. Commando offers paid training to sewers and production workers interested in developing skills to sew, cut, trim and produce.


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