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Voting is in: a letter from Kerry O'Brien

September 03, 2020


If there is one thing I believe, it’s in using your voice!

This has truly been an exceptionally challenging year. With all the disruptions to daily life, I fear many people may feel powerless.  But that is far from true. I believe that not all things are beyond your control and that the most important thing that we can all do is participate in our democracy by voting.

Voting is a cause that is true to my heart and roots, as I not only started my professional career as a Capitol Hill intern, but my late father was involved in politics on the local, state, and federal level for most of his life. Growing up, my parents raised their children to educate themselves on issues often leading to lively dinner time debates!

While my career may have taken a turn from the political world, I will always be a firm believer that voting is both a right and responsibility. With that said, I am excited to announce that Commando will partner with HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that promotes voter registration and turnout. You can learn more about our efforts here.

I encourage you to be curious about the world, and to have an opinion. Whatever your beliefs, whatever your party, your vote matters. 

Best Regards,

Kerry O’Brien

Commando founder, CEO & designer

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