From Casual to Chic: What To Wear With Faux Leather Leggings

By: Commando

Date:  September 01, 2023

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 Faux leather leggings have surged in popularity in the fashion world in recent years, offering a versatile and edgy alternative to traditional leggings. Made from synthetic materials, such as polyurethane or PVC, faux leather leggings mimic the look and feel of genuine leather while being more affordable and animal-friendly. Here are our tips on styling, layering, and accessorizing your faux leather leggings.

Choosing the Right Faux Leather Leggings

When selecting a pair of faux leather leggings, it's essential to consider several factors. One factor is fabric quality. Opting for a high-quality fabric that resembles genuine leather will provide you with durability and comfort. From there, another factor is finding the right size and fit; they should be snug yet comfortable.

Color! Whether it's classic black for versatile styling or experimenting with trendy shades for a bolder fashion statement. Commando’s high quality faux leather fabric’s real leather look and feel features a firming fabric with light compression, four-way stretch, high-recovery, and the ability for raw-cut finishes. Result? Bada$$!

Styling Tips for Faux Leather Leggings

Depending on the occasion,  you can rock your faux leather leggings just about anywhere. Whether it's a casual day out, a night on the town, or a chic  office look. With several different styling opportunities, your faux leather leggings will not only make you look and feel fabulous, but they will work hard for your wardrobe. 

For a Brunch Outing

For a stylish brunch outing, pair your faux leather leggings with a breezy off-the-shoulder top in a vibrant color, paired with strappy sandals, creating a flirty and summery look. Alternatively, pair your faux leather leggings with your favorite oversized sweater and a pair of combat boots or sneakers for a more cozy, coffee shop vibe. 

For Work or at The Office 

Strut your style in the office by pairing your faux leather leggings with a blazer and a crisp blouse for a sophisticated and polished look. For colder days, layer them with a sleek tailored coat or trench to add an extra touch of elegance. Add some  glamour, by wearing them with a luxe  silk or satin blouse.

For a Music Festival or Concert

Unleash your inner rockstar by teaming up your faux leather leggings with a vintage band t-shirt, a studded leather jacket, and ankle boots. Effortlessly cool and rebellious rock 'n' roll.

For a Date Night 

Pair your faux leather leggings with a silky, low-cut blouse or a sexy, lace-detailed camisole. Complete the outfit with a blazer or a moto-style leather jacket for an edgy touch. Finish off with high heels or ankle booties.

Layering Techniques with Faux Leather Leggings

Layering techniques with faux leather leggings involve strategically combining various pieces like oversized  sweaters, denim jackets, or long cardigans to add depth, texture and versatility to your outfits. For example, pairing your faux leather leggings with a crop top and an oversized jacket or blazer creates a trendy and balanced silhouette which offers a mix of casual and polished elements. Don’t be afraid to play with different lengths, textures, and proportions to create unique and eye-catching layered outfits with your faux leather leggings.

Accessorizing Faux Leather Leggings

This is one of the most asked question. What shoes should I wear with faux leather leggings?  The answer… well, anything goes.  Pair your leggings with flats, slides, sandals. Faux leather is indeed a year round fabric with so many colors to choose from.  White faux leather in summer is a must with a sandal, sneaker flip flop or loafer For fall and winter pair with a bootie or tall boot.  Mix fabrics;  canvas, leather, or suede shoe all look fab!  The rule, well there are none.  Your faux leather legging can take you anywhere and the shoe you choose can set the tone.

Take on the World in Your Faux Leather Leggings

When it comes to styling faux leather leggings, the possibilities are truly endless, allowing you to embrace your personal style and inner fashionista. Experiment with different looks. If getting dressed isn’t fun, you are doing it wrong! Faux leather leggings offer incredible versatility and longevity, making them a wardrobe staple worth investing in.