What is Faux Leather?

By: Commando

Date:  August 29, 2023

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Faux leather is one of several names given to artificial or synthetic leather fabric that mimics the feel and appearance of real leather. It is created as an alternative to real leather for various reasons such as cost, ethics, and environmental concerns. Faux leather is made using a combination of materials, typically a fabric base and a coating or laminated layer. Through the years, faux leather fabric has come a long way and possesses many benefits.

How is Faux Leather Made?

Faux leather is created by coating or laminating a fabric base with synthetic materials like PVC or PU. The process begins with selecting a suitable fabric, which undergoes pre-treatment to prepare it for the coating. The synthetic material is then applied to the fabric through techniques such as coating, laminating, or embossing. Additional processes like embossing and texturing can be employed to create the desired texture and patterns resembling genuine leather. Coloring and finishing treatments are applied to achieve the desired appearance, and quality control ensures the product meets standards. Finally, the faux leather is cut and used in various applications. This production process allows faux leather to provide a cruelty-free and versatile alternative to genuine leather. As the quest for sustainable solutions continues, one thing remains certain: faux leather fabric’s alternative to genuine leather is here to stay.

What Are the Benefits of Faux Leather Fabric?

Faux leather fabric has come a long way since it was invented. Commando’s faux leather fabric looks like real leather, but has amazing technical properties including incredible four-way stretch, high-recovery, and the ability for raw-cut finishes. Best of all, it’s machine-washable and retains its look wash after wash. Faux leather's sleek and form-fitting nature contours to the body, enhancing its shape and creating a flattering silhouette. 

Faux leather clothing offers versatility in different climates. Unlike genuine leather, which can be heavy and less breathable, faux leather can be manufactured with lighter and more breathable materials. Commando’s Faux Leather fabric is constructed with a brushed cotton on the inside lining, which allows you to enjoy the leather aesthetic without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. Faux leather can be produced in a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes and can mimic smooth leather, suede, or distressed leather. Faux leather fabric also provides an ethical alternative to genuine leather as it does not require the use of animal hides.

What to Look For in Faux Leather Clothing

Today, faux leather has secured its place as a premium choice for a variety of reasons. The fabric is a rockstar alternative to genuine leather and can actually be better than the real thing. Faux leather is like a chameleon, it can morph into pretty much any color or texture. A Faux leather piece can provide a luxe chic or edgy vibe to any look. From jackets to blazers, pants, skirts and dresses, faux leather has you covered. 

 Faux leather is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand regular use and maintain its shape and appearance over time. Faux leather is low maintenance. Simply wipe with damp cloth for quick spot cleaning and commando faux leather is machine washable! Now that is low-maintenance. Faux leather is more affordable than genuine leather. It provides the opportunity to rock the leather look without breaking the bank. 

When shopping for faux leather, prioritize material quality with a soft, realistic texture, and check for durability through well-constructed stitching. You will want to look for consistent color and finish, and consider breathable options while paying attention to lining. Proper fit and comfort are key to great fitting faux leather clothing pieces as well, so don’t forget to research brand reputation. While affordability is an advantage, invest a bit more for higher quality -  the stretch and recovery will be worth it. Faux leather clothing items can be often worthwhile for long-lasting and satisfying pieces. Overall, faux leather's combination of style, versatility, and ethical considerations has elevated it to a top choice for your closet hero.